Handling Fees

(Effective 01/27/2019)

There are two membership types - Basic & Premier.

Basic Membership offers an a la carte, pay as you go type of service. Our Basic Membership account has no registration fee or annual fee. When you register with ShipitAPO, you automatically become a Basic Member. Upgrading to Premier Membership is optional and can be done at any time from our Members Area.

Premier Membership offers a combination of reduced normal handling fee rates, discounted special handling fees and some optional services remain free. Also, included is $100.00 worth of insurance coverage on all packages at no additional charge. However, it is for PERSONAL USE only. Any business, institutional, government, corporate or non-profit Members, using our service for non-personal use, are NOT ELIGIBLE for Premier Membership.

The annual Premier Membership fee is $75.00. Once you enroll as a Premier Member you cannot downgrade until the end of "membership year." You can of course, opt not to re-enroll. On your anniversary date, when we attempt to renew your Premier Membership, if you have opted not to re-enroll as a Premier Member prior to your anniversary date, your account will automatically revert to Basic membership, which is free. Successful Premier Membership enrollment begins when the Premier Membership account fee is paid in full. The Premier Membership fee is non-refundable. We may elect to close Premier Membership enrollment at any time.

When ShipitAPO processes a package for forwarding via the U.S. Postal Service, here is what we do:

  1. Upon delivery by the incoming shipping carrier, we sign for packages as required and inspect every one.
  2. We identify the "owner" of each packages against our database.
  3. We weight it, determine the correct postage and affix it to the package.
  4. We charge your billing profile the balance of the total postage plus any optional insurance fees and the ShipitAPO handling fee.
  5. A new address label is created which contains the destination address on record in your account profile, along with a US Postal Service Delivery Confirmation number.
  6. We affix the new label to the package.
  7. We complete the appropriate Customs form and affix this form to your package as well.
  8. Once completed, we update your account and send you an email notification and get the packages into the hands of the US Postal Service for delivery to your forwarding address.
  Basic Premier
Subscription None $75.00/year
Weight, postage class or action
All Packages (Regardless of weight) $10.00 $8.00
Service Requests/Storage
Package Service Requests $2.50/package Included
Issue Resolutions $2.50/package $1.50/package
Storage (after 14 day grace period) $2.50/day $1.50/day
Service Fees
Package Inspection $15.00
Lithium Battery Resolution $20.00
Alternate Shipping Carrier Rates
Re-processing Second handling fee
Special Services Email for quote
Repack Assessment $15.00
Repack Starts @ $45.00
Pallet Processing $25.00/pallet
(> 70lbs or ≥ 45lbs and too large)
Jump The Queue** $15.00
Refuse Package** $15.00
Package Disposal $5.00
Overpack $20.00
Chargeback Resolution $35.00
Third-party Paperwork/Payment $25.00
New Package Creation $15.00
Adminstrative Fee $30.00

* For packages over 70lbs or when the package is too large to mail and the package weighs 45lbs or more.
** No charge if service was unable to be performed.

ShipitAPO is the fastest way to get packages forwarded to your APO/FPO/DPO address with unbeatable customer service.

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You are responsible for all three (3) of the below fees for each package we forward on your behalf.

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Amount of Coverage
NOTE: Effective 1/22/2017, all packages insured for $400.00 or more must be Overpacked for an additional fee of $20.00.

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